All previous parallel sessions followed a rigorous blind peer-review process by an international programme committee.

Parallel Paper Session at HCI International 2015, Los Angeles, USA

DUXU 2015 Proceedings Part I / Part II / Part III

  1. Keep What You’ve Earned: Encouraging Sailors to Drink Responsibly
    Kristina Cook, Erin Brennan, Colleen Gray, Teha Kennard, Booz Allen Hamilton, United States.
  2. Thinking with a new purpose: Lessons Learned from Teaching Design Thinking Skills to Creative Technology Students
    Marc Fabri, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom.
  3. A Feasibility Study of the Effect of Phone-Based Feedback of Other Commuters’ Subjective Experiences on Driver Intentions to Change
    Tracy Ross, Andrea Burris, Luis Oliveira, Loughborough University, United Kingdom; Bronia Arnott, Vera Araujo-Soares,Newcastle University, United Kingdom.
  4. Emotion-Centered-Design (ECD): New Approach for Designing Interactions that Matter
    Eva De Lera, Lilacom, Spain.

Parallel Paper Session at HCI International 2014, Crete, Greece

DUXU 2014 Proceedings Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV

  1. SCENE: A Structured Means for Creating and Evaluating Behavioral Nudges in a Cyber Security Environment
    Lynne Coventry, Pam Briggs, Debora Jeske (Northumbria University, UK)
    Aad van Moorsel (Newcastle University, UK)
  2. Designing Financial Literacy and Saving Tools for the Unbanked and Under-Banked in Brazil
    Ananya Mukherjee, Catherine Winfield, Shan He, Frederico Casalegno (MIT, Cambridge, USA)
    Wilson Ruggiero (University of Sao Paolo, Brazil)
  3. Investigating Sustainability Stages in the Workplace
    Ray Yun, Peter Scupelli, Azizan Aziz, Bertrand Lasternas, Vivian Loftness (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA)
    Nana Wilberforce (PNC Bank, Pittsburgh, USA)
  4. Does Social User Experience improve Motivation for Runners?
    Frank Spillers (Experience Dynamics, Oregon, USA)
    Stavros Asimakopoulus (University of Athens, Greece)
  5. “How am I doing?” – Personifying health through Animated Characters
    Andreas Schmeil, Suzanne Suggs (USI, Switzerland)
  6. Increasing Family Involvement in Elderly Care
    Jasper Jeurens, Koen van Turnhout, Rene Bakker (HAN University, The Netherlands)
  7. Skyfarer: Design Case Study of a Mixed Reality Rehabilitation Video Game
    Marientina Gotsis, Vangelis Lympouridis (University of Southern California, USA)
    Phil Requejo, Lisa L. Haubert (Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, California, USA)
    Irina C. Poulos, Fotos Frangoudes, David Turpin, Maryalice Jordan-Marsh (University of Southern California, USA)
  8. Keeping Creative Writing on Track: Co-designing a Framework to support Behavior Change
    Paul Doney (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK), Rebecca Evans (Minty Man, UK)
    Marc Fabri (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK)

Parallel Paper Session at HCI International 2013, Las Vegas, USA

DUXU 2013 Proceedings Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV

  1. Increasing Trust in Personal Informatics Tools
    Luis James, Tylar Murray, Andrew Raij
  2. Avatar Interfaces for Biobehavioral Feedback
    Tylar Murray, Delquawn Hardy, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Eric Hekler, Andrew Raij
  3. Supportive Mobile Technology for Stable Diabetes: Design Implications
    Katherine Blondon,  Pedja Klasnja
  4. Engineering Awareness: An e-Service Design Approach for Behavioral Change in Healthcare and Well-Being
    Alberto Sanna, Sara Bellinim, Sauro Vicini
  5. Well-Being on the Go: An Interactive Vending Machine Service for the Promotion of Healthy Behaviors and Lifestyles
    Sauro Vicini, Sara Bellini, Alberto Sanna
  6. Running to Behavior Change
    Pip Trevorrow, Marc Fabri
  7. Game-Based Interactive Media in Behavioral Medicine: Creating Serious Affective-Cognitive-Environmental-Social Integration Experiences
    Alisdair Thin, Marientina Gotsis
  8. Changing Eating Behaviors through a Cooking-Based Website for the Whole Family
    Andrew Wall, Marc Fabri, Pip Trevorrow
  9. Reducing Speeding Behavior in Young Drivers Using a Persuasive Mobile Application
    Anne Bergmans, Suleman Shahid
  10. Setting Conditions for Learning, Mediated Play and Socio-Material Dialogue
    Emanuale Marchetti, Eva Petersson Brooks
  11. Positive Design: New Challenges, Opportunities and Responsibilities for Design
    Anna Elisabeth Pohlmeyer
  12. The Innovation Machine: Mobile UX Design Combining Information and Persuasion Design to Behavior Change
    Aaron Marcus, Megan Chiou, Chirag Narula, Allan Yu